Financial Aid and Bursary


The Ministry of Education's Loans and Scholarships Program, which is the main component of student financial assistance, allows students to pursue post-secondary education at a recognized college or university each year. By the Ministry.

It is therefore intended for people who wish to pursue such studies full-time, but whose financial resources are insufficient.

The student and, if necessary, his parents, his sponsor must contribute to the financing of the studies in proportion to their financial means. This is the principle on which the Loans and Scholarships Program is based.

In calculating the financial assistance it provides, the government takes into account this contribution as well as the expenses normally incurred for further education.

The aid is first granted in the form of a repayable loan at the end of the studies. If this loan is insufficient to cover the expenses admitted, a scholarship may be added. The government guarantees the loan and, throughout the full-time study, pays the interest. The scholarship does not have to be refunded.

For more information, visit the Study Financial Aid website