Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs & Services provides leadership and oversight for the entire division of student affairs, including the following services for students at MLC college Montreal:

Academic Advising & Career Guidance

Giving you a great student experience will help you become a leader of tomorrow. From tutoring to mentoring, from Aboriginal Education Services to Aboriginal Student Services, from Career Services & Co-operative Education to overall First Year Experiences, we will continue to consult with you regularly and continue to help you on your journey to success.


Student Experience Office

The Student Experience Office (SEO) achieves our commitment to Make a Bigger Promise to students by providing conflict and conduct management services rooted in deep transformative educational approaches that enhance student learning, student persistence, and student-community development.

The SEO is a centralized hub for the College community and complements the developmental advising approach of the MLC college service model. The SEO’s role in addressing conduct and complaint related issues will be achieved through a plethora of learning and skill development opportunities for both students and staff. The SEO will provide support (advice, consultations, case review, etc.) to College stakeholders.

Services and Resources

  • Extended hours from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, in a coordinated and seamless model
  • Student conduct adjudication, focusing on the balance between developmental and restorative approaches, in addition to punitive outcomes.
  • Informal conduct resolutions (as appropriate) to divert from time-intensive and stressful formal processes, while still ensuring balanced approaches and accountability in the form of agreements and expectations.
  • Providing a suite of proactive and responsive educational services and opportunities for students which include:
    • Ethical responsibilities as a MLC college Student
    • Navigating College systems, policies, and procedures
    • Facilitated dialogue/mediation for conflict resolution, based on restorative principles
    • Skill-development workshops/sessions, including self-advocacy and conflict coaching​
    • Learning and developmental workshops (in collaboration with College partners as appropriate) in response to concerning behaviours

For more information email us at or 905-507-8200 ext. 201